Creating Your Application

Generating your Application

First, we need to install the Blueprint command-line interface (cli). The cli makes it easier to start a new Blueprint application, and implement different components of the application. When installing the cli, you want to install it globally.

Now, use the installed blueprint cli to generate a new application.

blueprint new super-rentals

The cli will generate a new Blueprint application in the super-rentals directory. It will also install the node modules for the application.

Starting your application

Let's make sure the super-rentals application generated correctly. Change to the newly generated directory, and run the application as follows:

node ./app

This will start the Blueprint application in development mode, and make it available at http://localhost:5000.

If you want to run the Blueprint application in a different environment mode, then use the NODE_ENV environment variable. For example, if you want to run the application in a production environment, then use the following command:

NODE_ENV=production node ./app

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