What is a View?

We briefly introduced you to views when we discussed binding actions to static views in the router definition. Views are well-defined, reusable representation of a response to a request. Views can be static—meaning there are no variable definitions in the view, or dynamic—meaning there are variable portions in the view.

All views are located in app/views.

Supported View Types

Blueprint does not have its own, proprietary view type. Instead, Blueprint support any view type (i.e., template engine) supported by consolidate.js. You just have to

  1. Install the node module for the template engine you plan to use for your view type; and

  2. The extension of the view must match the name of its corresponding template engine.

For example, if you want to use pug as the template engine for your views, then your views must have the file extension in .pug. Likewise, if you want to use handlebars, then your views must have the file extension .handlebars.

Blueprint will automatically configure Express to support the different kinds of views located in app/views. There is no need to manually register the different template engines with Express.

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